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Is a Home Security System for Me?

Is a home security system essential for the protection of my family? What are the pros and cons of home security cameras in Las Vegas? These are questions we are asked every day. Home security is a matter of risk management. What are the best ways to mitigate the risk of intruders, fire hazards, and health emergencies?

Home security cameras build a safety shield around your family and home. The following are the top 5 reasons to protect yourself with a home security system.

1) Protecting The Safety of Your Family

The primary reason for a security system is the safety of you and your family. Using a home security system means protecting your home and family from intruders.

According to recent data a home burglary happens in every 13 seconds in the USA. Every year about 2 million burglaries are reported in the USA. The burglary risk without a home security system is three times higher. Approximately 33% of residential assaults occur during burglaries

What is the most effective way to deter a potential burglar? A home security system is a major deterrent to would-be thieves. The primary reason to use a home security system is the need to protect yourself and your family from those intruders.

2) Remotely Monitor Activities Around the Home

There is no replacement for peace of mind while out of the home. With a home security system you can monitor your home while at work or on vacation. You no longer need to worry about coming home to an unpleasant surprise with the remote monitoring capability of a home security system.

3) Reduction in the Cost of Homeowners Insurance

As a homeowner you have enough expenses. A home security system can help you reduce the expense of homeowners insurance.

The cost of homeowners insurance depends on many factors. Included in those factors are coverage, payment structure and insurance company.

The purpose of an insurance policy is to cover the risks that come with home ownership. With a security system installed many of those risks are mitigated. Insurance costs can be reduced by up to 10 to 20 percent with the presence of a home security system.

4) Minimizing Energy Consumption

A home utility system can control devices which consume power or energy. Included are lighting, heating, cooling, thermostat. Vegas Pro Electric offers home automation and security systems that reduces energy consumption.

A home automation system allows automated control of lighting, cooling, heating and other devices. Such devices can be controlled remotely by the homeowner and provide large benefits in reduction of power consumption.

A home automation and security system can also deter intruders by controlling devices and lighting remotely giving the appearance of being home. A home automation and home security system comes with many benefits from cost savings to protection.

5) Fire Prevention Burglary prevention is not all that a home security system is good for. Not only can you remotely monitor the property but you can also help prevent damage in the event of a fire. The following are a few facts regarding home fires:

On average 7 people die daily as a result of home fires.

  • The primary sources of home fire injury includes cooking and heating equipment.

  • Home fire deaths are often caused by smoking equipment.

  • An absence of working smoke alarms in the home resulted in three out of five fire related deaths in 2010-14.

Monitored home security systems with integrated smoke-fire detection can provide early warning. The system is provides a warning to not only the homeowner but also the appropriate authorities.

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